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SwivelSwing . . . See What You've Been Missing

 Our SwivelSwing Story

What Made You Think of It?

Debbie Burriss, owner,  with husband Scott, and children, Mason and Hayden.  

The idea for SwivelSwing came about because we wanted to hang our bench swing on our new porch but could not decide which direction the swing should face. We wanted to be able to see our kids playing in the yard on one side of the house but also be able to  talk to friends and family on the porch which was in the opposite direction. Unable to make a decision, we did not hang the swing.  A few days later, my husband installed the first SwivelSwing in the porch ceiling and said he had solved our “directional dilemma" and he was right... we were able to turn our new swing to face any direction.

Try SwivelSwing for yourself at Page's Okra Grill in Mt Pleasant, SC.  

The SwivelSwing Gazebo is located beside the famously over-sized, teal adirondack chair and is a great photo "op" for everyone.