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SwivelSwing . . . See What You've Been Missing

 Our SwivelSwing Story

Who We Are and Where Did We come from?

Debbie Burriss, owner,  with husband Scott, and children, Mason and Hayden.  

"SwivelSwing came about because we wanted to install our bench swing on our newly constructed porch and could not decide which direction the swing should face. 

We wanted to be able to see our kids playing int he yard, watch the sky as the clouds floated by and also to face our guests on the porch for conversation. Unable to make a decision, we did not hang the swing.  A few weeks later, my husband installed something on the porch ceiling and said he had solved our “directional dilemma.” A long steel bar was installed on the ceiling, then hung the chains for the swing to each end of SwivelSwing and we sat down.  By pulling the chain and turning the swing, we could turn to face  different views.  Since then, SwivelSwing has been enhanced to include 360 degrees of locking rotation, it is powder coated and includes corrosion resistant hardware. SwivelSwing installation is easy and can be installed to finished ceilings, under decks to the exposed joists and to free-standing gazebos." 

SwivelSwing turns your porch swing 360 degrees

If you want to try SwivelSwing for your self and are in the area, visit Page's Okra Grill, Mt Pleasant SC. The SwivelSwing Gazebo located beside the famously over-sized, teal adirondack chair is a great photo op for everyone!